Sauerkraut and giardiniera

Today, I made some sauerkraut and giardiniera.  The sauerkraut was pretty much the same as I always do it:

1 head of green cabbage
1 head of red cabbage
3 carrots
8 garlic cloves
2 granny smith apples
caraway seeds (1 Tsp?)
uniodized salt (~0.5 cups)

Pretty simple…  Just chop the cabbage as thin as you can, grate the carrots and apples, mince the garlic cloves, and then mix it all up with the caraway seeds and salt.  Sometimes I crunch up the cabbage to make it easier for the salt to break the cell walls, but if you just add enough salt, the cell walls will bust all on their own and you’ll be able to keep you sauerkraut submerged under cabbage juice.  Anyways, after you mix it all up and it’s created enough juice to be submerged, put a plate on top and then something heavy (rock, jar full of water, whatever), and then put a lid on top of your container.  That’s it.

For the giardiniera, I pretty much just followed this:


I’ll try to post on permaculture, fermentation, living practices, self-tracking, and a host of other things over the next bit of time.


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