After a hiatus in Oakland, I’m back on the farm, which is disheveled, but nowhere near as rough as I thought it would be after the hottest and driest summer in southern Illinois history. Most of my trees seem alive, the bees are alive (although I haven’t checked to see how much they’ve produced), the pond is about 3 feet below it’s top level, and the grape vines look terrible, but roughly like other grape vines in the area. Since being back, I’ve spread out a bunch of cattail seeds and cut a pathway to the garden. Soon, I’ll fill up the garden with manure and mulch all the trees and grape vines.



  1. City of Anna said

    Welcome back.

  2. vic smyth said

    Hi, I’ve been following your progress and was concerned about your disappearance. I’m glad everything is okay with you. Why did you decide to leave? We learn more from our failures than our successes (I planted 29 tree seedlings one fall, by the time the snow melted the rabbits ate every one of them). Please share! Thanks.

    • City of Anna said

      Don’t answer that.

      • Nathan said

        Are you afraid of how you’ll look if I do, Anna?

        Anyways, the main reason for leaving was that I got really sick: I lost my balance and couldn’t keep food down for a few days; and I didn’t have health insurance. That, combined with the heat and the southern Illinois social scene convinced me to move for the summer. In any case, even though I was gone, I lost almost no trees, except for a few paw paws and plums, even though this was the hottest and driest summer in southern Illinois in recent history. I do think that the bees are having a rough time of it though, and I’m a little worried that they won’t make it through the winter.

  3. Rainbow Socks said

    Welcome back!

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