Ahhhh! Actually, not really.  I mean, bees are around; they’re just not terrifying.  This morning, I picked up my box of bees from the post office, where the postmistresses tried to keep their distance from that buzzing. Holding the box as far away as they could and keeping their heads up, making their necks easy prey for the assassinly bees! Again, not really.  I followed the directions on what to do with the bees that I found here. There wasn’t much to it: spray the hive with sugar water, spray the bees with sugar water anytime they started doing anything, open the box, shake the bees out into the hive, set the queen up, and then put the lid back on. I only got stung once and now the bees are set up in their bumble hive.



  1. withrow said

    That makes me want to have a beehive.

  2. B-Nice said

    Hey man, you drink mead?

  3. Elena said

    I wonder when you will learn to rotate pictures. Haha! Adorable

    • Nathan said

      Bah. I know how to rotate pictures, I just don’t care enough to do it.

  4. my bee experience of today.

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