Busyness, bag of hair, and tea drying

I’ve been getting quite a bit done the past few days: I stained the outhouse, sealed the gap between the outhouse and woodshed roof, put hair around the trees and grape vines (to keep deer away), did some more planting, weeded, and cut a bunch of goldenrod to dry for tea. And I let the chickens free range, which was a bit nerve racking, because I already lost a few to my neighbor’s dogs, but the dogs haven’t been back since I scared them off.  Anyways, the chickens seem to like it and I’m happy to have them try to forage a bit more.



  1. Thistle said

    Is that your hair?

    • Nathan said

      Nope. I got a bag of hair from the barber shop in Cobden (the next town over). I used some of my hair, but it was only a quarter-full shopping bag’s worth.

      • Thistle said

        Cobden eh? The Hair of Righteous Souls.

      • withrow said

        Next time, you should ask at the barber shop in Anna. Deer are more afraid of the hair of the wicked.

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