Flagging and tea

Not much has been happening on account of the rain (like four inches or so), but I did find some time to flag the trees, so now it’s a lot easier to find them. But the neatest thing has been making goldenrod tea. I just grabbed a few plants (actually weeds in the garden), boiled some water, and then threw the leaves in. Incredibly simple and it makes a surprisingly good, complex, nutty tea. I’ve also been cooking with clover, wild onions, stinging nettle, and wild mushrooms. And I also finished up setting the fence on the upper garden. I’m kind of realizing that I am going to need at least one and most likely two extra garden spaces to go along with the tree that already exist (upper, lower, and Jerusalem artichoke). Everything is leafing out well, from paw paws to persimmons to mulberries, the strawberries are already in flower, and the grape flowers are about to open.



  1. Francis said

    Hey there Baoss, does complex mean that tay have anythin to mess ya up with

  2. withrow said

    Alec would be proud of you.

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