Mom and Dad Visit

My folks visited and we finished up the wood shed and cut the whole for my new bucket o’ shit. They also took a lot of pictures, so here they are:



  1. Auntie Laura said

    Wow Nathan, things are really looking great. I am definatly planning a trip out this summer. Hope to see you soon.

    • Nathan said

      Aww shucks. Yeah, I’m hoping you come for a visit sooner than later. This year is shaping up pretty well. But you should plan for the fall, because it’s going to get super hot here soon.

  2. barth said

    I second Auntie’s comment. Things really do look great – especially the larger blue bucket you seem to have substituted the smaller bucket-crapper with. Hey, will you post some more about your water system? Where does that pipe leading into the pond come from? Are there grates below the soil collecting water somewhere?

    I’m going to put another wager down, namely that you cleaned up for the Zubi visit.

    Does your coop have fencing underground? I done lost enough of my chickens to foxes and racoons to ask.

  3. Nathan said

    I hear ya Barth. I lost 5 chickens to neighborhood dogs. The fencing doesn’t go underground, but I’ve piled up some oak logs along the bottom so that it’s effectively closed off from raccoons and foxes and dogs. I’ll fill you in on all the details of the water system in a post later this week.

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