Rocket Stove

I finished making the rocket stove after finally getting enough ash to fill it with. PHOT0007The rocket stove is basically a giant tin that has ash surrounding a duct with an elbow, with the duct coming out in front and at the top. You burn little sticks in the bottom part, and the oxygen is pulled in and the flames are shot up. It ends up being a really efficient burn, because you don’t lose much heat, since that ash acts as an insulator. The two logs on the top are holding up a metal grate so that the pot doesn’t smother the outlet. It’s up on the cinder block so that it can get good airflow. I had a party the other night, and people were pretty interested in how the whole thing works. There were some attempts to put these into use in refuge camps, where women spend roughly half their day looking for wood for cooking. Oh, and that is indeed a Goosebumps tin.



  1. Gordon and I don’t understand what’s going on here. Do you have links or more pictures?

  2. Carlo said

    a mi me gusta! Goosebumps gives me goosebumps. Possible usage in refuge camps? Certainly. But how about the possible usage of eudaimonia AS a refuge camp? I would certainly apply ASAP as a refugee there. What are the Winter/Spring plans? Another visit in late Spring 2010 for the mass planting is very much on my mind.

    As this blog is one of my few bookmarks, I appreciate the update and any and all other updates to come!


  3. Your blog said

    please update me! *sniff*

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