Big Muddy River trip

I canoed down the Big Muddy River two nights ago with my friend Steve. We left at 7:20 pm from Murphysboro and traveled ~35 miles in ~14 hours to the Mississippi. We just slept in shifts in the canoe, with the person awake keeping our little ship to the middle and avoiding rocks and logs. The near-full moon certainly helped out, and it was an incredibly pleasant trip. I wish I had brought the camera, but I imagine there’ll be another time. This trip was really a practice for a practice run for my trip down the Mississippi, which is looking more and more like it’ll be broken up into two segments: headwaters to St. Louis/Murphysboro and then St. Louis/Murphysboro to New Orleans/Gulf of Mexico. The upcoming practice run might end up being a trip from Chicago to St. Louis/Murphysboro, and I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on those plans.



  1. kronos said

    i want to come for the miss. trip

  2. Very cool, Nathan. Just remember my earthquake advice. If a big one hits again like it did in 1812, you can tie your boat to a tree on an island, but avoid being under a cliff– which might cave in on you. And if the Mississippi starts running backwards, give it about ten minutes and it should return to its normal course. Just FYI–

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