Pond, Root Cellar, and Solar Panels

Pictures galore! My folks came and helped me install the solar panels. It’s much fancier than I would have done, but also much safer. I’ve also been working on the root cellar. There’s only one picture of it, but I’ve currently got corrugated steel for walls that is held in place by 10′ long 1/2″ rebar posts that are driven 3′ into the ground. Tonight, I’m planning on picking up some cedar boards to frame the top, and I’ll talk about that when I get it done. I’ll also include a diagram of the solar setup, but I’m rather far behind in my blog doings.



  1. Gregor said

    Wow! Cabin looks good – I like the bookshelf/shoeshelf. Root cellar looks awesome too. I would like to dig another hole. Is that the pond in the last two pictures? Looks a little muddy. If I bring you freshwater herring, can we raise herring? I will swim with them, as I pickle and eat them.

    • Nathan said

      Yep, that is the pond in the last two pictures. Are there even freshwater herring? Do you know if they’d survive under my circumstances?

  2. People said

    ManZubi, that’s quite the root cellar. You better get to work on it, otherwise it’ll become a diving pond for Gregor there.

    Everything looks really swell, congratulations on the execution of your plans. No holding Zubathon back!

    Maybe this is a foolish question, but how weather proof are those solar panels, in the general sense of long-term exposure and very short-term, violent attacks of wind, water and small debris?

    • Nathan said

      Here‘s a pdf on the panels. They’ve undergone a hail impact test and a couple other such things, but I’m not too worried about any small debris. The water shouldn’t be a problem either, because they are under glass. And with the wind… it’s not every day that you get a 100 mph wind event, but for everything I’ve had so far, there hasn’t been any trouble, and it’s been raining a lot for summer. It’s as if it were spring nowabouts.

      • Elephant Hunter said

        How long is your trunk?

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