Pond getting dug

The guy is going to start digging the pond tomorrow, so I’ve been preparing the cabin to get moved and preparing the area where he’s going to dig, which means that I’ve been scything since 7am today (it’s about 2:30pm now), will go for another few hours now, and will have to do some more tomorrow. The scythe is pretty awesome, and I feel like I’ve really got the hang of it now. I’ll be sure to write up some stuff on that in the next few days, but unfortunately, I need to get back out there because there’s only so many hours of daylight.



  1. I saw a documentary about people who live in odd homes and this woman in Hawaii had a waterfall near her house. She rigged it so that it generated power. Maybe you could rig it so water flowing out of the pond and down your erosion pit generates power.

    • Nathan said

      There’s been some talk about using a waterwheel to make some machines that Martha Washington would have used…

  2. adam said

    how often do you need to sharpen a scythe, anyway?

    • Nathan said

      You sharpen it with a stone about every 5 to 15 minutes, but you also have to peen it about every 12 hours of use.

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