Grape trellis

I woke up at 3 this morning to start working on the grape trellis, and I am finally finished with it. Pictures will be forthcoming after I scythe the area around the grapes, so that you can actually see the vines. I’ll also include a picture of my shower per a request. That means that the only big farm projects that I personally have to do now are the chicken coop and the plans for next year’s trees. I’ve also done a handful of minor projects lately: like making bean trellises out of old fence, but nothing too much. I’ve been housesitting for my friend, so I haven’t been as active on small farm projects as I might otherwise have been, but I’m glad to have the air conditioning. And one more thing to note: another sleeping practice is sleeping on the roof. Apparently, it’s a popular thing to do in some places of Peru where it’s hot and muggy at night.


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  1. Yeah, the roof sleeping idea is a good one. You should also consider a summer treehouse– really just a platform up a ways in a tree would probably do.

    I meant to suggest that you look at peasant strategies to beat the heat, but you figured this out on your own.

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