Too Hot

The heat index was 105 yesterday and is supposed to get to 106 today, and it was over 90 by 9 am this morning. In short, it’s too hot to do anything. I wake up as early as the sun does and do what work I can, usually watering plants and other small tasks like scything. Yep, scything. I’m almost as awesome as a Russian peasant, except that my technique is subpar: I swing up too much at the end and so the grass isn’t cut evenly. In any case, a lot of plans I had for these days have melted under the heat. The grape trellis still isn’t done, but that has more to do with missing a part than the heat. I also haven’t finished digging my foundation for the chicken coop, but that’ll come soon enough. The real hope is that I’ll have my cabin moved soon, especially if I miss the expected thunderstorms tonight. Other than that, the garden is looking much better this time around (I replanted wherever my weeding didn’t lead to discoveries of past plantings) and I’ve been eating a lot of sugar snap peas, mulberries, and I’ve even tried sassafras leaves. I think that the leaves are mildly carcinogenic, but one forager down here told me that he often eats a bunch of them for lunch whenever he forgets to bring a sandwich.



  1. The Laws said

    Hey baoss, he’s an official forager?

    You know, Tyson’s Split Cornish Game Hens don’t cause cancer.

  2. Nathan said

    I don’t think there’s much of a regulating body for foraging activities…

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