Here I thought I’d write more, but it looks like that’s not happening yet. I’ve just been pretty tired when I get back and not much in the mood for writing for an audience larger than one. So it looks like there will just have to be a bit of a recap. My old roommates John Hunt (Fox), Owen, and Michael came to visit for the weekend. Owen put up some pictures here, and while they were here, we dug a deep freeze (basically a big freezer) into the ground. Pretty simple: dig a hole and the plop the freezer in there. I also put a little tarp tent-style over the freezer to keep the direct sun off of it (I should note that there’s enough airflow through it so that it doesn’t heat up underneath it much either). The deep freeze is keeping food pretty cold now, and I’ve got some cheese in there as well as water and beer. Along those same lines, my beer is ready and it was alright. I think it got too much oxygen as it turned a little acidic (alcohol + oxygen = vinegar by way of bacteria), but my old roommate Stu said that it was a refreshing summer beer because of the acid, which made it seem citrusy. I think that’s a pretty generous assessment of it, but another person said that I should never change the recipe, so… I don’t know, maybe I’m too tough on the beer, which you wouldn’t expect given my affinity for Icehouse.

Anyways, I’m living up on the property and it’s been downright delightful. I weeded the entire garden and found things that I thought I’d completely lost. One of my friends down here gave me a bunch of turnip seed, and that’s coming up like gangbusters now. I’ve also spent a lot more time reading books instead of dinking around on the internet trying to keep up with the latest movements in news. As Anne Finch said in her Petition for an Absolute Retreat:

News, that charm to listening ears;
That common theme for every fop,
From the statesman to the shop,
In these coverts ne’er be spread,
Of who’s deceased and who’s to wed[.]

I’ve also made a shower, which consists of the bottom part of a regular shower up on 2×4’s with a 5 gallon bucket dug into the ground to catch the water. There’s a camp shower up about 8.5 feet with a black 5 gallon shower bag that’ll catch enough sun to heat up real hot if you like, but I’ve been taking more showers than usual just to cool down.

I went on a farm tour to a few local farms this weekend through the neighborhood co-op. Nothing too special to report from there, except that we went to the local bison farm and someone mentioned that the scientific name is Bison bison, which gave me the opportunity to bring up “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.”

And today I get my first WWOOFer. I’ll try to do a better job of keeping you all posted, but this will be a busy week. I’ll also try to include some fresh pictures, but as always, no promises.



  1. Icehouse will ruin you for all other beers. That’s why I avoid it.

    Maybe you should just have the WWOOFers write your blog.

    • Nathan said

      Actually, Icehouse does come in second to only one beer: Milwaukee’s Best Ice.

      I’ll probably do that when they actually show up. It looks like my first one flaked out.

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