Butter Crock

I received a butter crock from amazon.com today. It’s used to keep butter cool and spreadable without refrigeration. butterkeeperYou put the butter in the teacup-looking part and put water in the other part. Then you tip the teacup part upside down and plop it in the water, which protects it from spoilage. It’ll effectively refrigerate a stick of butter for a month like that, the only trouble being that you have to change the water every three days or so.

The reason for getting this in the first place is that I’m more or less moving up to the farm. So with that in mind, I should note that my posts will most likely become more infrequent, since I won’t have internet up on the property (consequently, if you want to contact me, the phone is the best–and I don’t even hate using that ‘cellular telephone’ anymore). But on the plus side (or maybe the negative side, depending on your tastes), I’m going to be writing a bit more about what I’m thinking about at the suggestion of some friends. I read a lot, so I might as well make it of some use. I’ll spend time writing on my little laptop and then post farm and eudaimonia-related doings in batches.



  1. So, with the non-farm material, you’re saying that this will become more like a… oh, what do you call those things? Blogs! That’s it. This will resemble a blog.

    • Nathan said

      Exactly right buckaroo.

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