Fawn and Beer

There’s been a baby deer hanging around for the past three days, making a loud semi-shrill call, presumably looking for its mother.  The first night we saw it, we had to keep Oscar (my roommate’s dog) away from it, but we were generally trying to avoid it, because does are knPHOT0008own to attack people at this time of year if individuals get too close to their babies. But today, I had to yell at one of the neighbor dogs who was biting it.  Given the dangers it seems to be imperiled by and the length of time without its mother, my roommate decided to capture it.  We gave it some water with mashed-up banana and are trying to figure out what to do with it.  The picture here is of the first feeding.

I also bottled my first round of beer today. I’ll keep you posted on how it tastes. Today was kind of a lazy day, in large part because it was so damn hot. It got up to 95 in Carbondale, so aside from goofing around with the deer and beer, I also got a live trap for catching rabbits and picked up some turnip seeds so that I could follow Adam’s suggestion.

Update: The fawn didn’t die last night and came around today, so we gave it some goat’s milk.



  1. Dee said

    Free it! Give it to the animal shelter! Don’t feed it your swill!

    Eat it!

    • Nathan said

      We didn’t want to give it to the animal shelter, because fawns normally don’t fare well after extensive rehabilitation. We freed it last night after it got some of its strength back, but I’m pretty sure that the coyote yips we heard last night meant that the fawn was killed.

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