Insulation, Sleeping Over, and Check Dams

After I finished putting the insulation on the underside of the cabin, my dad told me that that was the hardest cabin-related project I was likely to have. And not that I’m done with all of them yet, but I must say that I think (and hope) he’s right. I finished putting up the wall insulation in the cabin yesterday, and it was remarkably easy, taking all of 3 hours, which included a lot of breaks. I’d been putting it off, because I thought it’d be as hard as the other insulation and I also remember having an allergic reaction to fiberglass when we were putting up some of it in my dad’s workshop back in the day. But easy peasy.

I spent last night in the cabin, sleeping on a makeshift bed: blanket, sleeping bag, and a wobbly wooden bed frame covered with two long boards that were cut in such a way as to make it impossible to not have a few inch gap between them.  Eventually, there’ll be a real bed here, but not yet.  But it was very peaceful. Lots of delightful bird sounds and a nice sunclipse and sunsight.

My brother and his fiancee visited this last weekend, and they evaluated the gullies along my driveway. My check dams are filling up with sediment too quickly, so the water in some areas is moving to undercut the driveway. They suggested that until I get some plants growing on the upper area of my neighbor’s property, I should just cut channels away from the driveway and just let the water run down, so that’s what I did. Pictures on this, the dandelion wine fermenting, and the insulation coming soon.



  1. Re: gullies That was basically my advice, too. Help the water get down the hill. And the water wants to end up to the right (looking down your driveway) of your driveway, so you might as well help it get to the right side near the top via a pipe or something. That way you have only one eroding gully to deal with and one you can probably more easily plant stuff in.

    Not that anyone should ever come to me for erosion advice.

    Good to hear you’re sleeping in a well-insulated cabin. And I’m grateful for your frequent postings, too. Tell us how that dandelion wine came out, ok?

    • Nathan said

      I’ll post a picture of the dandelion wine fermenting tomorrow. But my dad brought over a few bottles of the old dandelion wine, so I guess I’ll see if it’s gotten any better over the last year.

      As for the gullies, a culvert under the driveway would be a lot of work for now. Eventually, it’s a good idea, but I need to get on top of a lot of other things right now. I think my lazy days are at an end for at least a little while.

  2. Kronos said

    Wow – it sounds great. How cold does it get at nights?

    • Nathan said

      The last few days have been some of the coldest in the last two and a half weeks or so, and it’s getting down to mid to low 50s.

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