A Grape Inventory and Solar Power

I finished pruning and weeding all the grape vines today. While I was doing this, I also decided to take an inventory: marquette-grapes

120 Marquette
20 Carmine
20 Viognier
5 Corot Noir
1 Norton
6 Concord

I think it’s likely that 1 Concord, 1 Vigonier, and 1 Marquette are going to die, if they’re not dead already. I also tried to figure out how much wine I’d be able to make from all these grapes on average, but the numbers I find are so conditional and so regional that I’m almost better off just saying that I’ll have way more wine than I could drink over the course of a year.

I had my solar panels delivered yesterday: two 130 Watt Kyocera panels. I also picked up two 250-300 Ah 12VDC batteries. There’s some other stuff to go along with that, but I’m going to install them this Saturday with my dad. So a diagram and some pictures will be up then.


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