I finished planting okra, brussel sprouts, epazote, cilantro, scorzonera, chervil, dill, two varieties of purslane, and borage. I also transplanted burnet, oregano, onions, wrinkled cress, New Zealand spinach, and one of the saltbush varieties. There’s a simple logic to it: seeds go in, plants come up. But one of the main reasons for getting into this farm was so that it could become a place for clear thinking. Nassim Taleb notes that “the ecology of the real world is becoming too complex for Aristotelian logic.” I couldn’t agree more, and to see how this relates to farming (and to demonstrate that I’m not too crazy), I suggest you take a gander (eh?) at this video, which I think relates the two nicely and gives an example of the integrated farming stuff I’m hoping to do:


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