Another Visitor

I’m sorry for the long delay in writing a post, but I’ve had a busy last week or so. I went up to Chicago for Easter and then my friend James visited for a few days. While he was here, we pruned the grape vines. There are about 100 grape vines, and the previous owner had been pruning them for a double Geneva curtain system, which means that every plant would have two major stalks coming from near the bottom. Unfortunately, the double Geneva curtain system is a trouble to install, and I just wanted to install a simple two-wire trellis. The best way to prune for that is to have a single stalk that splits into two at the bottom wire and then grows over the top wire and then droops down, with the grapes being supported by the top wire. Yet I didn’t want to waste the growth that had happened last year, so I pruned small second stalks, but left them both when they were both large. I think I can still manage the vines with two stalks for my two-wire system. I hope that’s clear, but if it’s not, I’ll be taking some pictures of my farm happenings soon. I actually have a camera now, but no wire for uploading the pictures to my computer. So that’ll happen soon enough.

The other farm-related thing we did was picking dandelions for winemaking. I had made some last year, and it turned out pretty well if only a little strong.

As for other happenings, we hiked a lot in the Shawnee National Forest, looked for morel mushrooms (no luck though), went to Cape Girardeau and Trail of Tears State Park in MO, and visited all the bars on Carbondale’s main drag.


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