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Sorry for the delay in posting anything. My old roommate Elena just left, and we got a lot of stuff done this week. We tilled up a 30′ x 30′ plot for a garden, laid out another smaller one that is 30′ x 10′, and even started planting (radishes and beans). We burned some garbage wood and I cleaned up the big gully a little bit and fixed some of the check dams along the driveway. We also started a few more plants in flats: leeks, napa cabbage, pumpkins, cucumbers, assorted cabbages, cauliflower, strawberry spinach, amaranth, thyme, and wrinkled cress. We went to the Root Beer Saloon, and I’ll put up some sort of review of that soon, but this picture insiderootbeersaloongives you an idea of what the inside looks like. While we were there, we learned a bit about local politics, because local elections occur on April 7th.

I picked up the Lattimore translation of Aeschylus’s Oresteia at the local library, which is about as small as the library in my hometown, but not as cramped. Before you get to thinking that my new town has a good collection of Greek plays, think again. It’s from a southern Illinois interlibrary loan system. But anyways, I’m reading it because I’ve heard that it’s the greatest work in the Western tradition on the problem of justice. I also picked up Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man for a book club in Carbondale.


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  1. Anonymous said

    Root Beer Saloon looks awesome – see you this summer


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