First Nonfamily Visitor

Yesterday, my old roommate Elena arrived in Carbondale. She hitched about halfway and then took the train the rest of the way. Today we’ve had an extra busy day: cutting up a lot of wood (in preparation for innoculating it with mushrooms spores when they arrive), drilling holes in the wood for the mushrooms, and planting 24 flats of plants. I would have liked to do some of that planting a little earlier, but the seeds just arrived today. In case you’re curious, we planted: several varieties of alliums, several varities of tomatoes, sweet peppers, two types of melons, squash, broccoli, Good King Henry, mountain mint, some warm weather spinaches (like saltbush and malabar spinach), celery, burnet, oregano, and rosemary. And I’ll explain the whole thing about mushrooms in a later post, but I’m just too tired right now to muster up much explanation.


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