Ice Spike

Today I saw an ice spike, basically an upside down icicle,icespike coming up from a lid for a five gallon bucket. I’d read about them here, but I’d never seen one until today. The physics of it is really neat: the ice freezes from the outside in, leaving some extra water that is under the already-formed ice. This water gets pushed through the unfrozen middle and eventually freezes into a spike.



  1. Neighbor Nancy said

    However many times I see that, no matter how many physics courses I had in college, I still find that magical.

  2. Dragon said

    I can summon an ice spike – it costs 40 mana points.

    Hey – do you have electricity at the farm?

    • Nathan said

      No electricity yet. It’s pretty expensive to run electricity all the way from the road, so I’ll likely do some sort of wind or solar power in the next year or two.

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