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This weekend, I had some wine at the winery down the road.  I’m going to write up a full review after my folks, brother, and brother’s girlfriend come to visit this weekend… In an effort to assuage my mother’s fears that I won’t have enough wood, I spent yesterday piling up wood to saw… In order to saw that wood, I got a chainsaw… I also got a permit from the Shawnee National Forest for four cords of wood. The only restriction is that the wood has to be dead and down… I’m going to turn a lot of that into mushrooms when my one of my old roommates comes to visit… I find this hard to believe, but I know it’s true: I’ve had 12 different roommates in the last 16 months… I’ve been researching how to grow mushrooms on straw, because the last owner of this land said that a neighbor took 19 large round bales from the upper pasture each time he cut it, and he cut the hay twice last year… I’ve also been looking into scythes and some stuff about root cellars… I was going to write about the USDA and government grants, but I don’t think that any of their advice is going to be of much help for my purposes… I’ve had a few people come out to give me a quote on a pond, which I’d like to get done before the spring rains come… I had another WWOOFer who wanted to stay with me for two to three weeks, but I don’t think I’d have enough work for him to do… The only big project I have this week besides getting ready for my family to visit is digging a pit for a foundation for the cabin… I’m sort of sorry for writing like this, but the lengthy posts on all these topics are quite a ways off…


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  1. You shouldn’t apologize for your breakthrough posting style– at least among permaculture blogs– but I will suggest restricting yourself to one sentence between three-dots, even if you have to compose a sentence or two in a rather tortured manner. That rule brings a little discipline to the exercise and IMO helps give a Three Dot post a bit of structure, binding discrete ideas.

    Of course, it’s your blog and you can do whatever you want– except calling your shed a shack or cabin, which is downright pretentious, Basho.

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