Welcome to the Eudaimonia Farm blog!

I’ll update this blog every couple of days to keep you posted on the latest news from Alto Pass. If you don’t know what I’m doing, wander on over to the about page for a short description. For starters, I currently have an apartment in Makanda, IL (that’s how I have internet access), and I go out to the farm every day to do a few things, mainly observations so far. I’ve also gotten almost all of my administrative tasks done (getting a library card, registering to vote, putting up a mailbox, etc.), and I’ve starting working on some erosion control. In this picture, you can see my brother and I looking at some of the erosion along the driveway. img_3819Since then, I’ve added some small check dams–pretty much a bent straw bale, dug into the sides of the channel, with some rocks behind it. The straw bale traps sediment and other debris and slows the flow by holding up the water. Then, the water goes over the middle of the straw bale and hits the rocks, which help to absorb that energy so that further erosion doesn’t occur. In this picture, the straw bale wasn’t properly dug in, so the water just went around it and made a new channel.

As part of the observation, I’m trying to figure out where to place everything. I think I’m getting close to figuring out a place for the shack, chicken coop, garden, pond, root cellar, compost pile, beehives, and house. I’ll post some maps as soon as I have a better idea of this. I’ve also been cleaning out a lot of the garbage on the property. I’ll be sure to share some amusing pictures from that soon as well.

I’ve also set up some tentative plans with my first WWOOFer. WWOOF is short for Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms and is pretty much a way for organic farmers to trade young folks knowledge, a place to stay, and food for free labor.

Updates to come in the next few days: Swales and Filter Strips; Drinking Water: Rain or City?; and How does a farmer double his income?  He puts up a second mailbox.



  1. withrow said

    This is swale news.

  2. m said

    Hey – wait, is there a stream or creek or anything? Where will the waterwheel devices / machines be?

  3. PETER said

    Love the blog.Wish you all the success with your new endeavors.

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